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Начало » 2007 » Апрель » 7 » Egg-citing Easter
Egg-citing Easter
Bouncing bunnies, colourful eggs, cute chicks, irresistible chocolates and weekend getaways can only mean one thing – it’s Easter. Although we may be more familiar with these things at this time of year, the history of Easter is much more serious. Traditionally known as the Sunday of Resurrection, Easter is celebrated for the return of Jesus two days after his crucifixion on Good Friday. Although the date changes every year, Easter always falls on a Sunday, followed by Easter Monday.

Even with a great religious foundation, it’s interesting to see how the day’s significance has changed over the years. These days the Easter bunny is mostly likely to be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of all things related to Easter. This strange association is not so easy to understand though. Users such as Ammu M are left confused, more so as rabbits don’t even lay eggs. However, eggs definitely will be on everyone’s (especially chocoholic’s) shopping lists this weekend. Whether you’re wondering why we give them to friends, or how to decorate them Answers can help reveal all.

So, while many little ones will be looking forward to indulging in chocolate eggs, stressed adults will be anxiously waiting for their chance to escape the life of work and enjoy a break. Watch out for traffic clogged roads as families rush to various locations to catch a few days of celebration, peace or plain fun. Foodieblake will be one of those braving the motorway for a view of scenic Scotland. Some tips from Answerers will make sure he doesn’t miss out on any must-see sites.

If you’re someone that fancies more beautiful views, maybe like Umpa, you could head off to the Yorkshire Dales. And as long as Answers is here, there is no need to worry about where to stay or what to do once you get there. Of course, with such a long weekend, many answerers might be looking further afield for a chance to enjoy Easter abroad.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend, or wherever you’re travelling to, remember that Answers isn’t going anywhere. It’ll be here waiting for any more baffling Easter questions you may have. Have a fantastic Easter!

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1 Fatima  
man in neveshteye mmoahad mehdi eslami ro ghablan khonde bodam kole neveshte ye taraf 6 khate akhar yetaraf chon be nazare man ensanhaee ba in moshakasat kam peida mishe .ROHESH SHAD

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